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Magento Imagine 2018 Spirit of Excellence Award
Magento Imagine 2018 Spirit of Excellence Award

Last week, myself, Daniel Alb, our Head of Design and Gabriel de Gama, our Head of Ecommerce Development headed off for the Magento Imagine Conference in Las Vegas. Renowned as one of Digital Commerce industry’s top events, Imagine brings together industry leaders who are paving the way for the future of B2C and B2B Ecommerce.

Winning awards is always cool. We put quite a bit of effort every year heading into awards season to submit the work we’ve done for our clients and occasionally we get nominated and even more occasionally we pick up a gong. We take immense pride in what we do and we feel the results we get for our clients speak for themselves but I sometimes get the feeling we are not in the know, greasing the right palms etc. It sounds a bit like sour grapes and maybe it is. So when you win an award that you did not submit yourself for and had no idea you nominated for is a bit special.  

So we’re delighted to announce we received the Spirit of Excellence Award at the 2018 Imagine Awards. The ‘Spirit of Excellence’ award recognizes the leading solution and technology partners that have delivered the greatest impact to the commerce industry over the past year.

We’re totally blown away to have won this award. Being recognised by our peers and platform partners for our commitment to our clients and their customers' needs, our build quality, innovation, agile approach to product development and achievements in customer satisfaction is hugely gratifying and is a testament to the work of our highly skilled and dedicated team.

Along with this fantastic news our Head of Ecommerce, Gabriel was recognised for passing his M2 Solution Specialist exam, which he sat during the conference. No mean feat!

The community engineering groups and their code, feature and devdocs contributions have already a fabled reputation within the Magento ecosystem. Daniel and a number of Magento team members including Danielle Mundle and Peter Mintchev met during Imagine to spearhead a new Magento UX community movement within the ecosystem. If you are a UX or Design professional in your Magento digital agency and want to get involved in pushing the UX boundaries of B2C and B2C Ecommerce experience you can get in touch with Daniel;

For anyone interested in the conference here are a few takeaways from Imagine:

  • Pagebuilder for content, One click payments, lightning fast PWA frontend will help drive merchants conversion rates
  • Multi-stock inventory will enable a new in-store click and collect and ship from store experience
  • B2B is at the forefront of a new wave of digital commerce and Magento adoption
  • Voice driven commerce will drive the next wave of innovation
  • Get ready for Progressive Web Apps. The ‘app in browser’ experience will provide a new, accessible level of utility to digital commerce companies.
  • Magento is continually developing an integrated ecosystem of applications aimed at driving digital commerce into the next stage of evolution
  • Improving Customer Experience is the top priority for B2B merchants investing in developing their digital channels
  • Magento is building on solid cornerstone values positioning the technology as a stepping stone for transformation and building real life value for businesses and customers

It has been a fantastic start to the year with the team, and it’s great to take time to enjoy moments like this, however, with a lot of things planned for the coming months it’s time to get back to work. Stay tuned for announcements around our events, podcast series and videos coming soon.