Insights from Drupal Business Days 2017

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Insights from Drupal Business Days 2017
Insights from Drupal Business Days 2017

Drupal Business Days happened more than a month ago now, and I finally have gotten around to write down a few of the things I've learned hanging around European Drupal enthusiasts and Drupal CXO's.

Drupal Business Days 2017 changed the narrative from a community tech event and focused on how Drupal as an open source platform can deliver tangible and measurable business value. The event brought together business executives and developers alike from various business verticals across Europe, representing companies that are using Drupal as an enterprise content management platform. Tech talk was actually secondary to business topics, ranging from government and digital content publishing to e-commerce, accessibility and platform adoption.

I’ve learned valuable insights from a couple of agency executives that took the stage to present key information regarding Drupal market gaps and opportunities for marketing and sales, aiming to increase platform adoption outside the current Drupal business community. Drupal is an open source Swiss army knife framework that can deliver business value in almost any industry vertical, from content management to intranets, file management and sharing, content creation and distribution to e-commerce. This immense flexibility of Drupal brings with it a perceived lack of focus for a correct positioning in customers minds. The Drupal 8 API ready framework is in fact an example of how tech is build for an environment where content distribution is key, making connectivity and integrations a key asset.

There were a few high-flying ideas including the concept for a “connected content management framework” as a branding message that would focus and position Drupal in the context of enterprise content platforms. This concept could act as a powerful Drupal 8 selling point, which demonstrates the business value Drupal could deliver to businesses and their customers.

Drupal Business Days 2017 fostered ideas and enabled the European Drupal business community to come together and share strategies that drive success not only for their businesses but for their customers as well. I’ve especially found useful a handful of brilliant case studies and examples of implementations that will definitely make a compelling case for various business to build on a powerful and future ready enterprise content platform.

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