Keeping Our Employees & Clients Safe (COVID-19)

Bharat Sharma

Monsoon Consulting always aims to ensure that we can continue to provide our expert services to our clients in every situation. In consideration of the continued spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) globally, we have put together a plan in case of the need for a temporary closure of any of our offices (Dublin, Kyiv, and London). In this event, all of our employees are equipped with all the hardware required to continue operating remotely and securely. 

We have ensured that our staff will be able to connect remotely and securely via VPN to our LAN and continue to access all the resources required to continue operating as normal. By having 2 independent geo-located offices (Dublin and Kyiv) we have the redundant capacity to manage all of our project/support requirements as additional assurance

In the event of having to carry out this plan, all clients will still be able to call us on our usual office numbers in Ireland (+353-1-4750066) / UK (+44 (0)203 4115549) for support.


Bharat Sharma Profile Picture

Bharat Sharma,

Founder & CEO

Bharat is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder of Monsoon Consulting. He works directly with our clients offering IT strategic consulting and project management, helping to set the agenda for our most complex projects.