Monsoon Consulting Announces the Release of its Magento 2 PWA Module

Eoghan Shanley
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Monsoon Consulting is delighted to announce the release of our first open-source Magento 2 module, created to demystify PWAs on Magento.

If you have been paying attention to our past blog posts, you would be aware that we here at Monsoon Consulting are fans of PWA’s (Progressive web apps), and even have a post on how we think this is the year of PWAs. So it will come as no surprise that we have created a module that will help aid developers in transforming their Magento sites into PWA approved platforms. 

As many developers know, there is a long list of criteria a site must meet to be considered a PWA, but at its core, a site needs a manifest & service-worker file added to it to enable PWA features (and thus be considered a PWA site). And that is exactly what our module does. Our module demystifies PWAs and enables any Magento Luma, Blank, and even Hyvä storefront to become a PWA. We are such fans of PWAs and proud of our team's work that we have decided to make this module open-source so that it is available to all for free.

Luma theme results on a PWA test

So what is included within this module?

Our module includes the following features:

  • It makes Magento Installable as a PWA.
  • It comes with a CMS Page that can be configured as an offline page.
  • Has an add to Home screen prompt
  • Allows for the enabling/disabling of Offline Google Analytics.
  • It utilises the Browser’s Cache API.
  • And comes with a service worker lifecycle management.
Hyva theme results on a PWA test

Our Recommendation for implementation

When it comes to implementing the module we would highly recommend using Hyvä as the base, as it compliments the module really well while providing the fastest possible Magento eCommerce storefront. If you want to learn more about Hyvä check out our post where we break down how Hyvä is a game-changer for Magento.

If you are interested in using this module, you can find it for free here.

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