Monsoon Team Heading to Magento Live: Europe

Bharat Sharma

Some of the Monsoon Consulting team area heading to Barcelona in 2 weeks time for Magento Live Europe. We will be exhibiting at the 2 day event (Booth S20) so feel free to drop by and say hello. Along with this I will be speaking on Wednesday the 10th.

"MagentoLive Europe will host the biggest innovators in eCommerce. Join us in Barcelona and discover what’s new in the world of digital commerce and the Magento ecosystem. Whether you’re a developer, CMO, or part of a Fortune 500 company, get ready for two days of networking and education that will inspire you to take charge of your eCommerce business. Over 1,500 commerce professionals will attend Magento Live Europe in 2018."

About my talk

Business transactions are by and large driven by need rather than desire and are undertaken by people who are required to buy goods and services as part of their job. When designing a B2B Ecommerce experience it is imperative that the digital customer experience must be comparable or better to a real world interaction or your customer will not willingly make the switch to digital. My talk uncovers a myriad of different buying and customer account management experiences a B2B buyer will expect from an Ecommerce platform. I explore these experiences through real live customer examples from 3 case studies in the Food, Pharma and Construction industries which examine the buying context and intent of B2B customers and how Magento can deliver on these experiences.

Magento Live

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Bharat Sharma,

Founder & CEO

Bharat is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder of Monsoon Consulting. He works directly with our clients offering IT strategic consulting and project management, helping to set the agenda for our most complex projects.