Topline group’s new B2B eCommerce site Launches

Alastair Brodie

Monsoon Consulting is delighted to announce the successful launch of Topline Group’s new innovative and industry-leading B2B eCommerce solution.

Topline, the largest DIY & Building Materials buying group in Ireland, with over 90 affiliated members who independently own and operate more than 160 stores nationwide chose Monsoon as their strategic partner to design, develop and run the new cutting edge B2B site.

The business was founded in 1975 by a group of hardware merchants struggling to compete with larger competitors. The business has since transformed the DIY & Building Materials landscape by allowing independent merchants to purchase products at the lowest possible prices.

The benefits of bulk buying at group level – more than €250,000,000 worth in 2013 alone – enables Topline members to pass on competitive prices to their trade and non-trade customers. Topline’s unique business model and user requirements dictated a truly specialised and customisable solution to translate into the online world of B2B eCommerce.

Custom created notification dashboard for Topline
“Working with Monsoon Consulting, we were assured of the right eCommerce partner to take Topline into this new and important world of B2B eCommerce. Monsoon guided us through all the key aspects of the project, from the initial workshops to the tight delivery schedule and multiple stakeholders. We are delighted with the initial launch and feedback of the site and look forward to capitalising on this as we take the business forward”
David Mahony
Head of IT, Topline Group

Built on an industry-leading eCommerce platform, Magento Commerce, the new Topline site incorporates detailed and complex integrations with the business’s ERP system (Intact) and further expands the online presence from the business’s legacy website(s) through a digital transformation programme.

Monsoon has created a number of highly specialised features over and above the available Magento suite functionality to allow all key stakeholders and users within Topline’s business to ensure maximum efficiency and performance improvement.

These include: 

  • a dedicated “ Content & Notifications” alert engine, which is tailored to Toplines’ unique business model and membership workflows. 
  • Industry-leading B2B “owners area” for self-service, B2B functionality)
  • Intelligent user workflow and permission-based user management.
  • “Always on” service for Topline members, creating a new 24/7 facility for the members.
  • Specially designated self-service area for senior management users using 2FA Two Factor Authentication 
  • Customised Monsoon Consulting dedicated hosting solution with high availability, security and GDPR compliance features  

In addition, a highly customised CMS solution, which extends upon the Magento PageBuilder Content Management Suite.

After 12 months of intensive project delivery, incorporating expert consulting, design & UX, development and testing, the new eCommerce solution was unveiled to Topline’s members with very encouraging reception and feedback. 

The early success of the new B2B site is manifested in a high update in customer orders to Topline and a new cultural shift to embrace all the benefits of B2B eCommerce from an operational and performance perspective.

Alastair Brodie

Alastair Brodie,

Commercial Director