What It Takes To Be A Leader In B2B eCommerce

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Forrester released their report on ‘What It Takes To Be A Leader In B2B eCommerce’ after their webinar with Magento Commerce last Wednesday. In their report it’s explained how B2B eCommerce is growing due to a need for businesses to provide solutions for multiple customer needs and business models.

It is also explained that B2B companies must take into consideration how evolved their technology and processes are to address the challenge of their customers transacting with them online. This challenge can only be addressed through integrated internal company and external customer facing technologies. Many organisations are very much in their infancy when it comes to ecommerce. To drive this type of digital transformation within a business requires strategic sponsorship and leadership and a carefully managed change programme encompassing people, platforms, process and performance (measurement).

Magento Webinar


In the report some of the key findings found in the executive summary were:

  • “B2B companies lean on eCommerce efforts to drive customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and productivity goals. B2B sales and marketing rely on digital channels over traditional—they are the most critical in advancing both tactical and strategic goals.”
  • “Decision makers specifically look for reliable, flexible, and complete technology solutions, but often struggle to find the right partners that can help them integrate.”

  • “Advancing B2B organizational and leadership maturity correlates to higher levels of B2B technology adoption, more functionality, and more self-service capabilities—leading to better business outcomes…. Those with the most mature eCommerce leadership and resources are ultimately more likely to streamline the path to purchase—increasing customer satisfaction and retention, improving their competitive advantage, and ultimately driving revenue.”

Check out the webinar here and check back into this post and our social channels where we'll post the link to download the report when it comes available

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