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Alastair Brodie
Conceptual mockup of a flexible content management system by Storyblok

Monsoon Consulting are delighted to continue and further ramp up our official partnership with Storyblok - the leading headless CMS solution for digital platforms.

Monsoon Consulting have been working with Storyblok for some time now, and are delighted to continue the relationship and forward thinking partnership as we move into 2022.

With brands and organisations all recognising the importance of dynamic and personalised content to help drive immersive experiences and digital points of engagement, then the marriage of content and commerce has never been so important. This is where our solutions with Storyblok CMS have had outstanding results.

Founded in 2015, Storyblok is an industry leading and powerful headless Content Management System (CMS) which allows marketers and developers to create beautiful and easy to manage digital content using their flexible visual editor.

The power of Storyblok’s  headless approach allows for the digital content, not only to be used for one website or instance (a limiting feature of traditional CMS platforms in the past), rather. Storyblok empowers the users to maxmise their  content on iOS and Android apps, as well as any other platform of choice (IoT, smartwatch, AR/VR) through Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”).

Moreover, our clients are taking great advantage of all the wealth of features available with Storyblok, with “Content Staging” and “Scheduling & Release” being some of the most used features for our client’s marketing and content teams.

During 2022 we will be announcing a number of new clients who are benefiting from a new Storyblok CMS solution, embedded into their eCommerce platform.

Monsoon Consulting are Ireland's only Adobe Gold Solution Partner, focusing on delivering best in class B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions to large companies such as Uniphar PLC, Sysco (Pallas Foods), Topline, Heat Merchants Group, One4All and Central Bank of Ireland.

The team at Monsoon provide a full service offering from business consultancy & strategic planning, UX & UI creative design, development & engineering, Infra & Dev ops to a dedicated Support team, offering 24x7 critical application support.

For more information on how Monsoon Consulting can help your business online, please get in touch with alastair.brodie@monsoonconsulting.com or call +353 (0)1 4750066


Alastair Brodie

Alastair Brodie,

Commercial Director