Magento Meetup Ireland 16: Putting the 'C' back into B2B and M2 Development

Monsoon Consulting
Magento Meetup Ireland 16: Putting the 'C' back into B2B and M2 Development

Last week, our doors were opened to the Magento community for the 16th assembly of Magento Meetup Ireland. Founded by Monsoon's CMO Stephen Kenealy, this Meetup group welcomes Magento developers, merchants, admins, e-commerce retailers, and anyone with an interest in the platform. It's a great opportunity to discuss developments, updates and project experiences in a casual setting. The latest session explored trends in B2B user experience and provided some insights into tips and best practices for M2 development. 

After some welcome refreshments and chat, the Meetup kicked off with an informative talk by Gordon Knoppe, Solutions Architect at Magento ECG. Gordon's presentation, 'Tips and Best Practices for Developing on Magento 2' highlighted areas of improvement for development teams, and discussed the importance of deployment processes, performance and optimisation for M2. 

Next up was Daniel Alb, Design Lead at Monsoon Consulting. Daniel discussed how B2C digital experiences are shaping the future of B2B e-commerce. There were some fascinating talking points about trends in B2B, notably the growing presence of Millenials in B2B purchasing roles and how businesses should respond. 

Finally, Aoife Carrigan and Dermot Brennan from Isobar gave a brief lightning talk (with a not so brief Q&A) on their experience of working with Magento 2 so far. This was a great discussion as it provided insight into the improvements and pain points that the guys have encountered, contextualised with references to Game of Thrones, much to the delight of the Monsoon team! 

The evening concluded with some developer war stories and a look ahead to the future of Magento 2 development and its enhanced features. As one of Ireland's leading Magento implementation houses, Monsoon Consulting looks forward to applying some of these tips and best practices to our e-commerce projects. 

Thanks to all our Magento Meetup speakers and attendees. As Gordon Knoppe explained, there is huge value in engaging with the Magento community, where events such as Meetups or hackathons allow us to share knowledge and experience for the common good.

We're always on the lookout for speakers, insights, and Magento project stories. If you'd like to attend the next Magento Meetup, feel free to sign up here and follow @MagentoMeetup on Twitter.